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There are three types of property ownership – freehold, commonhold and leasehold. Commonhold and leasehold involve co-ownership with a third party such as a co-owner or landlord. Both have contracts to govern that relationship– a commonhold community statement or a lease. These contracts can be difficult to understand especially when things go wrong. We advise on all aspects of commonhold and leasehold, and offer inhouse training to professionals, such as lawyers, managing agents and valuers. Our commonhold training sessions are particularly popular.


“Commonhold” is a little used form of ownership, but is currently being reinvigorated by the Government. We can assist with any commonhold query, conveyancing or dispute that you may have.


We have years of experience dealing with leasehold properties and advise on all aspects. We also provide residential conveyancing services, with a particular emphasis on leasehold.

Experts We are specialists in commonhold and leasehold and provide an elite service. We have a particular interest in the ongoing reforms, and have worked directly on several of the reform projects.
The Reforms

Commonhold, leasehold and freehold reforms are currently in progress by the Government to make the system fairer for those affected. New laws could be introduced to substantively change the existing system in the future. Our team is actively involved and monitoring these reforms and regularly provides updates.